Top Shark Diving Spots

  • 21/07/2014 19:06

Diving with sharks often proves to be the highlight of a diving expedition. The top shark diving locations provide you with an experience that you will never forget. Where are the best places to visit for a shark diving tour?

Cocos Island, Costa Rica


Cocos Island is uninhabited except for a ranger station. Michael Crichton says that he was inspired to write Jurassic Park because of Cocos Island. Divers who want to see hammerhead sharks should visit in the summer months when they school in the hundreds. However, Cocos Island has strong currents, cold water and a remote location, so this is not a good dive spot for beginners. Whenever diving with sharks, never linger at the surface, and always swim quickly to the reef.

Guadalupe, Mexico


Just 150 miles off the west coast of Baja, Mexico, you will find the island of Guadalupe. The surrounding waters provide sharks with their favorite food: seals. Diving in Guadalupe is usually a multi-day adventure due to the remoteness of the location. Guadalupe is said to be the world’s best spot for white shark diving because of the calm, clear and warm waters; those who go cage diving in Guadalupe will have access to affordable prices. In South Africa, San Francisco and Australia, cage diving is expensive and done in cold, choppy waters with little visibility.

Karimunjawa Archipeligo, Indonesia


Karimunjawa has 27 different islands located 45 miles northwest of Jepara. Providing 66 types of coral reefs, divers can rest assured that they will have a varied diving experience. The blacktip reef shark is one of the most common sharks in Karimunjawa. This location suits users of a variety of skill levels because there are shallow dive spots for the beginners and stronger currents for the experts. Another interesting activity here is to play with the white tip sharks at the conservation in Menjangan Kecil Island. The ideal time to visit Karimunjawa Archipeligo is April through November because December to March is Indonesia’s monsoon season.

Sharks rarely attack humans, but they receive an infamous reputation due to Hollywood’s negative depiction of them. If faced with a shark confrontation, you need to hold your ground, stay calm and never act like prey.

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