Swimming with Sharks at Vietnam’s Best Dive Spots

  • 20/08/2014 09:56

The extensive coastlines and underwater diversity of Vietnam are rapidly making it a popular scuba diving destination for tourists and locals seeking adventure, beauty and even the opportunity to swim alongside sharks. Extensive dive sites and the best opportunities for shark sightings make these spots Vietnam’s best dive resorts.

Nha Trang Bay


Quickly becoming one of the most popular dive spots in Vietnam, Nha Trang Bay is located on the east coast and features 12 separate dive sites. Nha Trang Bay is such a popular spot to dive since there is more than 30 meter deep view! Underwater, the area is covered in a variety of colorful corals that are home to shrimp, flatworms and crabs. For the best chance at seeing sharks, divers should check out Small Wall and Fisherman’s Bay, two dive sites touting occasional sightings of these giants. February and September are the best months to check these sites out, but there are a variety of sites throughout Nha Trang which offer spectacular dives throughout the year. Please don’t forget to visit The National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam as well when visiting Nha Trang.

Whale Island

North of Nha Trang Bay, divers will want to take note of an idyllic dive locale known as Whale Island. The name is derived from the large number of whales and whale sharks who arrive in April and linger through July to feast on the large numbers of krill and plankton which inhabit the area. Gentle slopes and depths ranging from 5 to 40 meters make this location suitable for divers of all experience levels; drift diving (see video) is also popular for more experienced divers at Whale Island. Hon Tai, or Ear Island, is a popular dive site for spotting nurse sharks and whitetip sharks.

Con Dao


The 16 islands that make up the archipelago of Con Dao offer some of the most diverse and well-preserved marine life in Vietnam. The best time to dive the isolated and pristine waters of Con Dao is between December and May. Dive sites extend to a depth of 21 meters for experienced divers with over 20 dive sites around the area. Con Dao offers divers a great opportunity to dive with sharks as well as the possibility to see the rare dugong (see image – found at; National Geographic), a marine mammal similar to the manatee.

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