Most Endangered Sharks

  • 04/01/2014 14:56

whale sharkSharks are found in all oceans of the world, but that could change. More than 100 of all species of sharks are currently facing risk of extinction. That equates to around one-fourth of the entire shark population being at risk of disappearing. Here is a list of the top 10 world’s most endangered sharks according to Discovery UK’s website in order of their risk of extinction:

  1. Ganges Shark
  2. Pondicherry Shark
  3. Bizant River Shark a.k.a. Speartooth shark
  4. New Guinea River Shark 
  5. Smoothback Angel Shark
  6. Striped Dogfish
  7. Daggernose Shark
  8. Dumb Gulper Shark
  9. Whitefin Tope Shark
  10. Borneo Shark

Another list on wiseGEEK vary somewhat. Regardless of the order they’re listed in, there is no question that many sharks are in danger of extinction. It’s important to understand what that would not only mean for them but for all of us.

” While the ostrich lays the largest eggs on land, the whale shark lays the largest eggs in the world. An egg from a whale shark measuring 14 inches in diameter was found in the Gulf of Mexico in 1953.”
Pope, Joyce. 2002. 1001 Facts about Sharks. New York: DK Publishing.

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