Making A Difference

shark huntinggroundsThe United Nations is playing an important role in the efforts to regulate international shark trade, encourage shark conservation, and raise awareness about the need to respect marine life in our oceans. Below are a few links with information about how they are doing that as well as what you can do to help.

Check out these beautiful photos on the National Geographic website to see and learn about some of the world’s marine protected areas.

The following short video was published by PEW Charitable Trusts in April of 2012. It briefly but very aptly illustrates the problem by taking us ahead to the year 2050 assuming that conservation and regulations are then in place. By going back in time, the viewer is shown how the problems have escalated to our current situation and how they could eventually be set right so that all forms of life will be living sustainably. That is the ultimate goal, and helping people to understand that all forms of life are interdependent upon each other is perhaps the first step toward change.